FELL Tournament Teams


At FELL we have created the following procedure in an effort to keep our tournament team selection as open and unbiased as possible.

The criteria for selection is the following:

• Eligibility
• Availability
• Ability

“Eligibility” refers to age, participation and residence, as defined in the Operating Manual and Rulebooks (or a letter from Regional Headquarters specifically noting the eligibility of that player for that division in that league and in that year).

“Availability” refers to whether the candidate will be able to practice and play with the team. Will the player be away on vacation during some or all practices/games? If so, the league may wish to disqualify the player from consideration.

“Ability” is solely in the opinion of those making the selections, and is not based solely on statistical information. While statistical information could form the basis for a voter’s opinion, ultimately a voter can vote for any eligible player, for any reason(s).

Come tournament time, coaches will send parents an email to determine their child’s interest in the tournament season.

The voting process will consist of all head coaches per division, with the FELL Player Agent present to mediate. Each coach, whether there was an assessment or not, will come to the tournament vote with a list ranking all players in order. The FELL Player Agent will gather the lists and take note of all players who were unanimously voted to be in the top 12. Once the list reaches a point were there is not unanimous agreement, a majority selection process will take place. For example, if the top 10 players were all unanimously agreed upon, the coaches will write down the next two highest ranked players on their list. The FELL Player Agent will tally the results and the two players with the most votes will get the remaining spots. In case of a tie, all coaches will then revote for that one roster spot, again selecting the highest ranked player on their list.


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